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The Mechanical MOOC Presents...

A Gentle Introduction to Python

Next Class begins Spring 2015

but you can sign up now.

  • Free & Open.

    A Gentle Introduction to Python is 100% free, just like all OpenCourseWare. Anyone can join, and you're welcome to share your work.

  • Learning Powerhouse.

    Pick up Python from leading innovators in online learning. MIT's chops. Codecademy's exercises. OpenStudy's study groups. P2PU's community. Need we say more?

  • Weekly Lessons.

    Make friends with some smarties, and start programming from Week 1. Open for signup now, course starts Spring 2015.

You're almost done!

We'll match you up with a band of likeminded folks. You'll get extra support, help others when they get stuck, and make smart friends.

When learning something new, what's your first instinct?